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The Legacy Of Mr. Watt

We have never share our story why "Watt" Coffee. Every time people ask us, "So, what is the name of the coffee shop?".

We said "Watt Coffee".

People would then reply, "What coffee?".  

"Yeah, W-A-T-T. You know, James Watt."


 James Watt

James Watt

James Watt is a Scottish inventor that give a fundamental effect on the industrial revolution in 1820. He invented the steam engine hence the era of steam punk arrive. Even though that era was made fictionally by several writers that wrote books on that era, we see that we need to make those era comes back to life. As this little haven we call our coffee shop. Everything from that era has inspired us to name our coffee shop Watt Coffee. 

So if this is your first time hearing our name please do come over and have a taste of our coffee. Here at Watt Coffee we aim to serve only the best an only the best experience for you. We will be delighted to meet the taste that you look for in a cup of coffee. We have a saying "Watt's Ur Coffee?", we are serious when we ask you that. We want to bring this little cup of coffee as our gesture to satisfy your need of a good cup of coffee.