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Common Grounds

Soo i had a try on the reknown common grounds today located at citywalk jakarta. 

They were using slayers, malkhonig, mazzer, v60 and all the bells and whistles of any awesome cafe should have. 

I asked the waiter on what beans do they have and found that both are single origins. Aceh and toraja. I have tasted both and i love both of them. I do have to remind that tastes are really a matter of relative preferences. Anyways i went ahead and order a set of cappucino with a brunch set menu. 


 toraja cappucino 

toraja cappucino 

Cappuccino : 

- great latte art

- milk not hot enough to my taste

 - too milky for my taste as well but nevertheless still enjoy their cappuccino. 


Thus a 3.5/5 will be my score for it. 


Norwegian brunch: 

- smoked salmon,  sourdough, rosemary, olive oil, poached egg and salmon roe, balsamic vinegar, salt n pepper, asparagus, cherry tomatoes.  

-it was allright not the best i had but not the worst either.  

80k IDR



Great ambience great service. A cool place to visit and i will come back again. Always room for improvement.