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Our Twin Baby

We are very happy to introduce our newest member of our family, 'Lighthouse' and 'Quarter Crisis'. This is our very first two house blend that we are so fond of. You are more than welcome to come this weekend to have the first taste of this blend. 

If you like boldness and thickness in your coffee but still wants to appreciate the diversity of the coffee characteristic, Lighthouse is the blend for you. With five types of coffee blended together with one another with just one part pinch of robusta. This coffee is perfect for a strong morning coffee on the go to your working day ahead. The taste is highly berries with a hint of orange peel at the end of the sip. 

Whereas the Quarter Crisis is a specialised blend with one part a Javanese beans. This blend consists four types of single origin coffee beans originated from Indonesia. In a form of espresso shot the overall taste is granny smith apple with a candied caramel ending. In a form of a milk base drink this blend produce a sweet milk chocolate and biscuits aroma.